The lessons will be given at tennis club Vall Parc, Barcelona. In case of another location, this will be previously communicated.

Booking information
The e-mailadres of the person in contact will be used for any communication. This person is accountable for all the obligations of all by this person subscribed travellers, aswell in case of cancelations. Het e-mailadres van de hoofdboeker fungeert als correspondentieadres.

Weather circumstances
It hardly rains in Barcelona. In case of heavy training the courts will be closed for training. We will try our hardest to rescedule the lessons. If in any case this is not possible, there is a second option to rescedule the lessons at our club in Rotterdam.

Personal information
In order to make reservaties we need the following information:

  • name conforming passport (both first- and lastname)
  • adress
  • date of birth

In order to make reservations we ask for a downpayment of 50% of the total ammount of the booking. With this downpayment the booking is definite.

If in case you need to cancel a definite booking the following conditions must be applied:
– Up to 1 week before departure we can restitute a maximum of 60% of the total ammount.
– Up to 2 weeks before departure we can restitute 75% of the total ammount.
– Up to 3 weeks before departure we can restitute 100% of the total ammount.
In case of groups larger than 12 people, these conditions change if it concerns an cancelation of the whole group.

Travel information
You will recieve all the requiered information at least 5 days before departure.

Travel insurance
We advise you to have your own travel insurance.

If not other wise communicated we will book a Large room at Chic & Basic Born.

All personal data will only be used within Sportswise for administrative purposes.
There is a possibility of pictures being used on Sportswise Facebook or Instagram, if this is undesirable we would like to know!